Is this channel or video monetized? Check if a YouTube Video or Channel is Monetized.

Find out if a channel or video is monetized.YouTube Monetization Checker

What is Youtube Monetization Checker?

Ytlarge, Youtube Monetization Checker Tool is a useful platform for checking if a YouTube channel is monetized. It also offers estimates of the potential earnings from each channel, providing insight into the channel's monetary performance and calculates the estimated earnings of the Video or Channel.

How to check if a YouTube channel or video is monetized?

How Does YouTube Monetization Check Tool Work?

The YouTube monetization checker operates by using the YouTube Data API and analyzing the source code of a channel's page. Within the relevant channel source, YouTube specifies a value to determine whether a channel is monetized or not.

Is the Result Accurate?

Yes! The response provided by Youtube Monetization Checker is 100% accurate. Additionally, it also indicates if there is copyright content in the YouTube video.

To find out if any YouTube video or channel is monetized, paste the channel or video url into the box.

How to find out if there is monetization on someone else's channel?

2. Method:

How can I tell if a YouTube video is monetized?

With Youtube Data Api You can learn with some special inquiries, as we (YtLarge Tool) do. Or visit the video's page, look at the source code, and look for the string "yt_ad" to see if it has been monetized. The video is monetized if the string is present and set to true; otherwise, it is not.
You don't need to do this for each video you want to check; simply fill out the form above, copy and paste the video's URL, and click the "Enter" button.

What is Required to Enable Monetization on a YouTube Channel?

YouTube has changed its 'monetization' requirements:

According to the new criteria, the condition of having 1000 subscribers has been reduced to 500. In other words, the requirement for earning money under the partner program has been lowered from 1000 subscribers to 500. Additionally, the requirement of 4,000 hours of watch time in a year or 10 million Shorts views in the last 90 days has been updated to '3,000 hours of watch time in a year or 3 million Shorts views in the last 90 days.' Among the new conditions, uploading 3 public videos in the last 3 months is also required. Content creators who meet the updated requirements can apply for the YouTube Partner Program. Creators will also have access to tipping features like Super Thanks, Super Chat, and Super Stickers, subscription tools like channel memberships, and the opportunity to promote their products through YouTube Shopping.

The previous requirements for earning money on YouTube were as follows: