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How do I check if a channel on YouTube is monetized or not?

To check if a YouTube channel is monetized or not, follow these steps:

Paste the channel url into the form to find out if any YouTube channel is monetized.

2. Method:

  1. Go to the YouTube homepage and search for the channel that you want to check.

  2. Click on the channel name to open the channel page.

  3. Look for the "About" tab on the channel page and click on it.

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and look for the "Details" section.

  5. If the channel is monetized, you should see the "Join" button in the "Details" section. This means that the channel is part of the YouTube Partner Program and can earn money from ads.

  6. If the channel is not monetized, you will not see the "Join" button.

Note: Keep in mind that some channels may choose not to show whether they are monetized or not, and in those cases, you may not be able to determine their monetization status.

3. Method:

  1. Go to any page of the channel,

  2. Right click and open the source code of the page,

  3. Search for "is_monetization_enabled".

  4. If "true" is written next to the article, money is earned from the channel, otherwise not.

    Important Things to Consider When Buying a Youtube Channel

    Hello friends, I have been actively in the youtube industry for about 10 years, many of our friends send me an email (should I buy this channel?, will I get screwed if I buy this channel? etc.), because I felt the need to open such a topic. unfortunately, when buying a channel, many people become victims later, or they cannot make the right choice, or the channel seller does not receive a refund later, so your money becomes nothing and there is nothing that can be done later. In order not to fall into these situations, please read the information I have prepared below.
    1- The seller is very important when buying a channel. If possible, get channels from people who sell their own channel, for example, I am giving an example, a citizen has made videos for his own channel for 1-2 years and then sells them. You can look at these channels positively.
    2- Stay away from channels whose videos have been deleted. Youtube doesn't like video deletion at all. more than 3 videos deleted in a short time immediately pulls the rank of channels to the bottom, kills subscribers, that is, stops the channel's interaction, your new videos will not be watched, you will not receive results. + Because these channels cannot meet the 4k hours, their monetization goes after a while, or when they throw a few videos, their monetization goes. 90% of this has been the case. Definitely stay away.
    3- I recommend that you stay away from those who sell channels that pour business into trade, multiply channels without stopping, buy 4k watches and get subscribers. Because these channels do not keep order in the short term (0-6 months), and if you exhibit any elements of spam, the monetization of the channel will go away in a short time. or the channel closes.
    4- Bulk channel sellers who trade the business usually enter a single phone into all accounts. If the Buddha closes a different channel, there is a high probability that your channel will be damaged because it has that wire number in its past. Out of the blue, your monetization closes, you can't even understand why, adsense won't pay your money. You become a victim. Avoid.
    5- Turn to channels whose subscribers and impressions are organic. Although the price is slightly higher compared to bot channels, it will definitely be beneficial for you to turn to such channels.
    6- The real earnings of a channel; It is the arithmetic average of the last 6 monthly earnings. Ask for the channel's earnings statistics for the last 6 months, check if there are sudden fluctuations. or, for example, the channel seller says that he earns $ 5000 per month, compare the arithmetic mean for words such as, etc., check the consistency. Don't be fooled by exaggerated words, and stay away from that seller.
    7- The channel's adsense is very important, if possible, try to buy the channel and its adsense together.
    8- You liked the 1 channel very much and bought it, but the seller does not give the adsense?
    (8a): In this case you will buy and define adsense
    (8b): or if you are going to open zero new adsense yourself
    (8c): or you will connect your ex adsense.
    In this case, definitely do not do the (8a) option.
    9- If you are going to work on Youtube, stay away from buying adsense from outside! I will explain why. Logically, to create a youtube adsense, it is necessary to have 1 channel, this is a must, such as 1+1=2. If the seller sells the youtube adsense, the channel is closed as 90%, even if the channel is active, it will not sell the adsense anyway, it cannot sell it. Think about it, it attracts money, after all, why sell it. In other words, he is selling because his adsense is wasted. here you are buying the adsenses of those closed channels. Stay away! But the reason why the channel is closed is very important for adsense:
    (9a): If you link the adsense of a channel that was closed due to copyright to another youtube channel, the monetization feature of your channel will not be opened, even your channel will be marked(bumb) and there is a high probability that your new channel will be closed. Youtube hates adsense with a copyrighted history. and enforces strict rules.
    (9b): If you connect the adsense of a channel closed from spam to another youtube channel, youtube does not look hard at your channel, as in the copyright, but gives a normal look and chance to those who have been closed from spam for 6 months, but still offers negative directives to open monetization or make your channel efficient. We call it the Rank value of the channel, it pulls the Rank value of the Channel to the bottom. It allows you not to get efficiency in impressions in a short time.
    (9c) If you link the adsense of a channel that has been closed from the terms of service to another youtube channel, youtube will offer you a slightly more lenient terms than the terms in 9b.
    10- When buying an Adsenseli Channel, check the adsense of the channel. Is there an advertising restriction, the problem is when this channel is connected to this adsense, make sure that the email address of the channel is the same as the adsense address. if the channel mail address and the adsense mail address are different, 9. the situation in the matter has been. read that article again and decide so. or the channel owner may not have purchased a new adsense, but may have opened a new adsense himself, ask them. or check the pay of the channel If it has been connected for 6 months and there are no problems, you can look at such channels positively.
    11- When buying an income channel, the value of a channel in the Youtube sector is generally equal to the average of the last 6 months of earnings multiplied by 9 months due to risks. Look negatively at those who offer a higher exorbitant price. (In this article, I'm talking about standard 1-10k subscriber channels. for channels with more than 50k subscribers or very high impressions, prices may vary, so compare with equivalent channels on the market)
    12- The history of the channel is very important. Now that Youtube has created a channel history, you know, if you get a channel that has been spammed in its history , and upload a new category that is close to spam to that channel , you will get a history. Youtube will definitely not forgive this situation, either your monetization goes away or your channel closes. and if you have accumulated money, adsense will not pay you that money. So pay attention to the channel history, ask the seller if you have changed the category before, find out what was in the past videos. In general, stay away from category-modified channels. Definitely stay away from the channels whose videos have been deleted, we have already mentioned.
    13- Question: Can more than one adsense be approved with a single identity?
    Adsense states that it will not store these credentials, that is, they will not be paired with a new identity again, as the information will be deleted once they are approved (?)
    Answer: It's true that it doesn't keep identities but youtube is not stupid, it saves its Hash. It stores and protects the Hash... so if you upload the same .jpg it knows you're the same person. So 1 click change color / 1 click decrease or increase the light or put a dot in a smaller place, and save. The Hash value will change.
    14- Question: Can I Buy Have a Short Video Channels on Youtube (Channels that increase subscribers with shorts videos). ?
    Answer: Channels with high subscribers by catching the trend with short 10-60 second videos. If you buy such channels because the subscriber is high and the price is cheap, you should go from the same category, otherwise you should not buy, I will explain why.
    Youtube definitely separates subscribers who come with such short videos from subscribers who come with regular long videos. For example, 10k subscribers came from shorts videos, 500 subscribers came from regular videos. If you buy this channel and upload long videos, your videos will not be watched, Youtube does not send notifications to subscribers for the long video you upload. It even reduces your existing index rank. If you continue to upload long videos for 2-3 months for a long time, the algorithm starts to include your channel, sometimes it may not. Those who want to change the category or upload long videos, Stay away from such channels, You will not get efficiency, It will be a waste of your money. Buy if you are going to continue in Shorts or same category.
    15- Question: Is it possible to speed up the processing time of videos on Youtube ? Is there a way to speed up the processing time of videos?
    Answer: Answer: The processing of videos is usually related to the youtube server situation. and it's for sure that youtube sends them to more powerful servers for processing the videos of channels with a high rank and gives them priority. Or when we examine it on a file / codec basis, no matter how much the video is tightened or how much the quality is improved, it becomes very difficult to read, decode and process it.
    Example: Let's say the mpeg4 size of the A video is 1gb and the h264(mp4) size is 700mb.
    1 processor consumes less power while reading the mpeg4 file and reads it faster. When you look at the load on the video card or the CPU power, you can observe this graphically.
    The faster/faster processing format of a video is from fast to slow as follows,
    mp4 - h264,
    h265((hevc - High Efficiency Video Codec))
    Avi (AVI uses MPEG-4 AVH / H.4 codec, since AVI is associated with DivX code, AVI is better quality than MP4, but more difficult to read by the system)
    In other words, when you throw mpeg4, you compromise the quality a little, but technically youtube can process it faster. Because there is no extra codec to solve and deal with. However, youtube generally recommends uploading videos as mp4.
    16- Question: Does the Country location matter in Youtube Videos?
    Answer: If the subscriber impression and channel Grad/Rank rating of your competitors are superior to you, entering your position will not be of much use in getting ahead of them. On the other hand, it allows you to get one click ahead of your equal ranked opponents. and in the long run, it has an impact on the appearance of your channel as authoritative. The same web search logic applies in youtube.
    Let me give Examples for you to understand:
    16a- Word origin:
    When you google the word School in New York, google brings up the results in that region or the nearest one as a destination, whichever location the person searching for is in. This includes in visual images and videos.
    16b- Address location:
    Our webmaster friends choose the region of appeal for English content in America and nearby on google console. Google is asking the same thing there. On Youtube, he asks about his location. The same logic.
    16c- IP:
    Sites that work with a foreign word usually prefer ip and hosts belonging to a foreign location, not the country where they are located as a host, it is really important from the point of view of seo. The same logic certainly applies on Youtube. I've tested this maybe 100s of times. Whatever the content you are working with (whichever country it addresses), the video should be uploaded from that country's ip. These are the concrete elements that google offers personally and my personal experience.

    For now, these are the ones that come to my mind, friends. Of course, the choice still belongs to you, I will make additions as new updates or different situations come to mind. Good luck everyone.

What is Required to Open Youtube Channel Monetization?

  • 4000 valid public watch hours is required in the last 1 year.
  • Your Youtube Channel must have at least 1000 subscribers
  • Your videos should not be private or unlisted.
  • There should be no spam in the channel history.
  • Youtube considers it eligible for monetization for videos with your face and voice.
  • Youtube does not turn on the monetization feature of channels with Robot voiceovers and slide videos.
    Your face should be visible and be a real human voice. There should be no voiceover by the robot.