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How do I check if a Video on YouTube is monetized or not?

To find out if a video on YouTube is monetized, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the video in your web browser.

  2. Look for ads that appear before or during the video. If you see ads, then the video is likely monetized.

  3. Check if there is a "Sponsored" or "Ad" label next to the ad. This indicates that the video creator is earning revenue from the ad placement.

  4. Look for a "Support" button or a "Join" button under the video. If the creator has monetized their video, they may have these buttons enabled to encourage viewers to support them.

Note that not all videos on YouTube are monetized. Some creators may choose not to monetize their videos, or they may not meet YouTube's eligibility criteria for monetization. You may need to look for other indicators of monetization, such as the presence of ads in the channel's videos or the use of merchandise or sponsorships. Additionally, ad-blocking software or browser extensions may prevent ads from appearing even if the video is monetized.

Alternatively, you can also use the YouTube Studio app or Youtube Studio website to check if a video is monetized. Here's how:

  1. Open YouTube Studio and select the video you want to check.

  2. On the video details page, look for the Monetization section.

  3. If the Monetization section says "Enabled," the video is monetized. If it says "Not enabled," the video is not monetized.

  4. What is the Video Monetization Checker Tool, Why is This Tool Necessary?

    At the present time, many people buy a youtube channel for investment purposes or want to have a youtube channel with more subscribers. Before you buy a YouTube channel, you want to know if the monetization feature of the channel or videos is on or off. This is exactly where this tool helps you. Is monetization of the channel or videos turned on or off? To find out, paste a youtube video url into the box. Video Monetization Checker Tool will help you by detecting whether monetization is on or off for any youtube video, using some special technique and explain it to you.
    Youtube periodically checks the channels and turns off the monetization feature of some channels, due to the behavior of the channel or non-compliance with the terms of service. This can happen suddenly or out of nowhere. Sometimes you may not have access to your channel. With this tool, you can understand whether your video's monetization feature is on or off, without entering your channel.

    Question: Does changing the channel name, Channel Country or Channel Language or changing the video description have a positive or negative effect on video views?
    Answer: Yes, there are negative effects. As follows: If your channel is an authoritative channel(over 100k or with an ID badge), it will not be affected much by the above-mentioned situations.(2023) But if your channel is not authoritative, it will probably fall under the spam control review (it has a negative impact on the impression). Youtube thinks about this like this (Don't ask how do you know what he's thinking, he's been doing this for years :) ; Youtube has a specialized unit/team called anti-spam, friends, They've been brainstorming as a single job for years. And they're saying:
    What does a spammer do first when he gets the channel?
    What kind of course does the spammer's method of action, strategy take?
    How can we detect them, upload their movements(what they do) to the automation of bots, how can we catch them on the radar with high accuracy? (That is, it should be something that normal real users rarely do, but it should have been done 90% in the history of spam channels). YouTube, which even records the movements of the mouse, has been analyzing them for years and can make a comfortable decision. It is detected through the bots and directs them to manual examination.
    For Example, Radar:
    - The spammer changes the country of the channel and the language of the channel by 90% in order to get a high share of the CPM and to be able to shift impressions. For example, if an American series is to be uploaded to a channel received from Pakistan or TR, the spammer changes the channel's country to usa and its language to English. (Many conscious spammers have woken up, in fact, they don't do this anymore)
    - Changes the name of the youtube channel.
    - He will probably change the video category in the videos he will upload recently. for example, if the old videos on the channel are educational, the spammer chooses the Entertainment category for the American series he will upload. and the Bot is looking at it, even if it doesn't do the above, the channel has shifted from education to entertainment, and this rate is 40%. He says there are suspicious movements in this business(and he is very right), direct to the investigation = radar...
    For example, let me add one more, not entering your bank account even though you have accumulated money in adsense and passed the payment threshold, not entering your address pin even after 3, Adsense has already sent your channel directly to the radar. so things that will take you to review should be avoided. Youtube doesn't like users who change their category, who change their channel information, they want a normal stable person.
    When you fall on the radar, Youtube really pulls your rank down as a precaution, it throws you backwards in the index ranking.. You are looking at a channel that is always watched a lot, it turns to a low course in new videos or cuts impressions like a knife. If your channel is spam, it already makes you rumble directly in the meantime, if you are a normal channel, you will live, but you will still get your share of the negative impact of the radar. and in 2023, he added the following; I'm telling you for regular users, if you're going to change the video title description or category, change it in the first 48 hours, if possible. If you change it later, it has a negative effect on the ranking in the index.
    And category reality;
    For example, youtube has added new elements to the Education category. Which school, which university and what is your qualification title? (you will see if you select the education category)
    So we understand from here that youtube is really taking this category thing from unofficial to official.
    For example, if you change the How To video from the how to category to the training category, it will kick you back in the rankings.
    Questions: How to tell if a youtube video is monetized as a viewer?
    Answer: The system we created to understand this will tell you with 70% accuracy whether any youtube video has monetization turned on or off.
    But if that's not enough for you, if you want a definitive result, visit our tool that explain whether the channel monetization status is on or off.
    Logically: If it is obvious that a youtube channel is making money, it will be obvious that it is making money on its videos belonging to that channel. But some youtubers turn on monetization for some videos and turn off monetization for some videos. At this point, This tool helps you...

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